What does your blog name mean? I'm a lover of Fantasy, fantasy creatures and imagination and i decided to use Lilyth because i didn't want to use my long name Liliana. So that's basically it and that's why its called Lilyth Fantasies.

When did you make your blog? January 2013

Whats your favorite color? Black. Burgundy.

How old are you? Born January 30 1992.

Do you wear extensions? i have never used extensions.

Who does your hair? I dye my own hair and cut my own hair :}

How many languages do you speak? Spanish & English and some french.

What will you post in your shop? A variety of unique and one of a kind items!

What camera do u use? At the moment any camera i can get my hands on I'm saving up for my own camera at the moment!

What is your middle name? Victoria.

Favorite animal? Unicorn.

Whats your real hair color? Brownish the top of my head isn't dyed so that's my real hair color!

to be continued..

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