Mar 21, 2013

Dont you want to feel my bones?

Dont you want to come with me? Dont you want to feel my bones? on your bones? its only natural. i love thiat song from the killers so i chose that video for this outfit of the day!
i love skeletons &skulls and my leggings are actueally glow in the dark! I hope u enjoy this photographs!!! and thank you to all my followers! i want to do a give-away but im just waiting to get a few more followers! i hope you all have a lovely magical day!
sending love,
Lilyth fantasies<3 xoxo

Leggigs-Hot Topic
Shoes-H&m (studs DIY)
Shirt-JC Pennys


  1. hello darling! I really love your blog so I decided to follow u on GFC and BLOGLOVIN, hope u'll do the same

  2. amazing leggings ;*