Feb 15, 2013


Hello evryone so sorry for the lack of posts i just been so buisy with work and trying to work with my schedule and do as much as i can and its also hard doing photos when i dont have my own camara. so im trying to save up for a new camara so i can start making videos like i used to and do more fashion photography and share more of my life with you :) 
hope you enjoy this photographs taken by my boyfriend that i love and miss so much he inspires me so much in so many ways<3 the song i chose to go with this outfit is by GRIMES i love love love
ALL of her magical music i never get bored of dancing to her fun beats! so go check her out and enjoy her music!!!!! i know you will!!! 8)
thank you for reading!
sending love,

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  1. thanks for following my blog dear! :) I followed back :D I like the fact that you're making your fantasies happen one day at a time :)) I like your personality. hihi :)