Jan 25, 2013


 Hello lovely readers im almost done organizing everything! there is still a few complications left but they will all soon be resolved.well that's what i am  hoping for! :) this photographs were taken by my lovely friend Rita at my favorite park by my house its like ten minutes away!! :)

My headpiece is DIY i made it a little while ago and it took me like about five minutes to make.
My sweater and collared shirt underneath are thrift store items. I just love the amazing things u can find at thrifstores!!! :) and they were both like under 5$!!!!!I hope you enjoy this photographs! Lana Del Rey's video Born to Die i thought was perfect to accompany this look. I love Lana Del Rey's music i think there isnt one song of hers that i dont like! so if u havent seen the video i suggest u do im sure u will enjoy it as much as i do!!! Her Lyrics are Amazing as well!

Sending Love.

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