Mar 26, 2013


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Helllllo beautiful people! i hope you enjoy these photographs!!!! My look is so comfortable i love wearing dresses with these shoes!!! Summer is almost here and this dress reminds me of
 sunny days and fields of flowers!I wore these cool design fishnets under just becuase i thought the whole look needed something more!
I'm re-dying my hair soon too so you will be seeing some changes in my hair! :)
I chose the song young blood by the THE Naked and Famous to go with this look i really love that song it actually makes me wanna go dancing through tall fields of grass!
I hope you are all having a lovely magical day!
Sending Love,

Mar 21, 2013

Dont you want to feel my bones?

Dont you want to come with me? Dont you want to feel my bones? on your bones? its only natural. i love thiat song from the killers so i chose that video for this outfit of the day!
i love skeletons &skulls and my leggings are actueally glow in the dark! I hope u enjoy this photographs!!! and thank you to all my followers! i want to do a give-away but im just waiting to get a few more followers! i hope you all have a lovely magical day!
sending love,
Lilyth fantasies<3 xoxo

Leggigs-Hot Topic
Shoes-H&m (studs DIY)
Shirt-JC Pennys

Mar 18, 2013

Voodoo Calls

This was inspired by the Fever Ray video if you never heard this song before im sure u will love it !
this video is so amazing i love it and i love the beat to this song!
thank you to everybody who visits my blog :) im still fairly new at this but im getting the hang of it!
sending love,

Mar 17, 2013

Vintage Garden

i love vintage items and antiquesso when i found this dress i loved it right away!
im still working on the construction of my blog and im planning brand new
photoshoots and looks! its just a little hard because i dont have my own camara
but im saving up to soon get a new one so im excited!
sending love,

Feb 15, 2013


Hello evryone so sorry for the lack of posts i just been so buisy with work and trying to work with my schedule and do as much as i can and its also hard doing photos when i dont have my own camara. so im trying to save up for a new camara so i can start making videos like i used to and do more fashion photography and share more of my life with you :) 
hope you enjoy this photographs taken by my boyfriend that i love and miss so much he inspires me so much in so many ways<3 the song i chose to go with this outfit is by GRIMES i love love love
ALL of her magical music i never get bored of dancing to her fun beats! so go check her out and enjoy her music!!!!! i know you will!!! 8)
thank you for reading!
sending love,