About Me.

Name: Liliana Victoria
Height: 5'4
Born: January 30 1992 
From: Central America (El Salvador)
Living in: California

Hey there beautiful people! I'm a lover of anything odd and out of the ordinary.
I love expressing myself through dance,poetry,art,music,and fashion! i love creating and making things look different. i been a lover of thrift stores since i was very little so i like mixing up the new with the old and anything in between and magical and even my own creations!!
My blog started January 2013 so I'm fairly new at this! I hope my photographs inspire you in many different ways and express my love of fashion to you!Through my blog i will be
sharing some of my daily looks and music that inspires me and so much more!
If you wish to contact me for ANY reason feel free to contact me at treeredbow77@aol.com!
Sending Love,

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